That’s Inappropriate!

My most used saying at the moment is ‘that’s inappropriate’!

Since I became pregnant and starting thinking about what my baby will see/hear in this world, I have a completely new look on everything.

Right now I seem to find more things inappropriate than I do appropriate!

Recently, it has been songs. So many songs have swear words in and even though they are beeped out on the radio, you can quite easily understand what word goes there- you can still almost hear it! I have a niece who sings the songs by Bruno Mars. In his recent hits he talks about sex. Now I do believe it is okay for them to sing about sex, and I think it’s better not to hide the subject from our children, but maybe not expose it in the way that some songs do. With lyrics such as ‘your sex takes me to paradise’, I would not want Molly to come out singing this one day when she is just a toddler! Songs like these are always on the radio and she will end up listening to them, and I think they’re inappropriate!

Something I can’t stop her watching is the television. But the way celebrities dress is very revealing and I think that sets a bad image. Admittedly, when I used to go out I may have worn the bare minimum at times(!), but I was a fully grown adult. I do not want her watching them and thinking that’s how she must dress. I often see young school girls all dolled up with lots of make up, wearing short skirts and cleavage on show, and I think it’s so sad that they are throwing away their childhood. I also think it attracts the wrong sort of attention from older boys!

But I think that’s what this comes down to; I don’t want Molly to grow up too quickly. Granted she is only four months old, but she has developed so much all ready and before I know it she will be a teenager. What she sees and hears whilst she is growing up will have a huge impact on the young lady she becomes. And whilst I am her mother I will always try to protect her and keep her from throwing away her youth.

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