What it means to be a mummy

So I have been thinking of how my life has changed since I became a mum, and what’s to come as Molly grows up.

Being a mummy means:

You hum kids tv show theme tunes and know every word.. To them all!

Your house is never as tidy!

Your handbag is now full of sweet wrappers, toys, and dummies!

You put something in one place to find it has been moved!

You will never have any change because the children want it for their own money box!

You get ten minutes to doll yourself up, go out feeling fab.. To then realise you have sick all down your back!

You have to buy better make up to cover up those dark circles around the eyes which aren’t going anywhere.. ever!

The washing basket is never ending!

Food up the walk is your new wall paper!

Fudge and sugar are always used instead if profanity!

Only ‘quickies’ exist incase you get an unwanted visitor!

You no longer watch any of your tv programmes but know the exact showing time of everything on the cebebbies channel!

To make it through the day without without some kind of sick/dribble/poo on you is an absolute miracle!

You have no ornaments, DVDs, or picture frames on any low book shelves!

EVERYTHING you own is sticky!

11.30pm is the latest you’ve stayed up all year!

Your car turns into a family taxi!

Long relaxing baths are now quick showers!

Having your hair pulled is normal!

The heels got lower and lower and now it’s just flats!

You know Mr Tumble’s life story inside out but haven’t spoke to your friends all week!

You often have a conversation about poo!

And if this is what it means to be a mummy.. I wouldn’t change it for the world!!