Safe Candles!

I love candles!

My mum hates candles!

She says they are far too dangerous. When I lived at home we had no rules..except one, no candles in our bedroom. She was always worried they would start a fire and didn’t think they were safe, no matter how old we were.

When I moved into my house with my partner, we lit candles all the time and I never thought much about it. Although I still only used them in the lounge and not upstairs, and I always made sure they were fully blown out some time before I was going to leave the room. However I did think that I would have to stop using candles as my baby grew up as I never wanted to take the any risks.

Then one day I got a present from a friend, candles that are safe no matter what! She bought them for me for two reasons: 1) she knew I was pregnant and thought about candle safety with children, and 2) I had a blind cat that jumps on every surface and could easily knock a candle over and start a fire (and I actually think this was the main reason because she loves my cat!)!!


But I must say they are brilliant and I recommend them to anybody with children. I had never seen anything like them and had to share. They are battery powered but look just like real candles. They come in a set of three and you can choose from two designs. They are controlled by a remote which has a timer option, 12 different colours, and a choice of lighting effects. They even smell like a candle!

They look brilliant yet give me such peace of mind. I know Molly’s little fingers will always be safe and I can still enjoy my candles.


Frostfire Mooncandles – available from Amazon