Am I there yet?!

I am in the middle of my exams and in a weeks time I will all be done. I cannot wait!

This week has been tough! At the end of last week, Molly had her second lot of jabs and just like the first lot, she became really poorly. I should have thought it through and got the date changed so she would have them at a different time, because in the middle of my exams, having an ill baby is not ideal! She has been really upset, with a blocked nose and nothing seems to make her feel better. It breaks my heart to see her distraught even though I know she needs the injections for protection. I wish I could just cuddle her and make her feel better all day but thats completely impossible whilst trying to study for final year exams!

I have been completely stressed out trying to study. My brain is most defiantly still ‘baby-fied’ and therefore doesn’t think straight. It makes adding up and solving equations really quite difficult! I have tried my best though to balance revision and Molly time and that is all I can do. Knowing that in one weeks time I can relax (although that’s not whats installed for my summer but I will explain that another day!), I am pushing through the headaches and I am finally starting to feel like I am getting somewhere. My first day after my exams are complete will be spent cuddling Molly ALL DAY LONG!!


The last couple days have been particularly horrid as today I had my hardest exam yet. I knew it was going to be difficult and I spent most of yesterday crying just thinking about it. Now all I can do is hope I have done enough. I do have to thank D for supporting me and allowing me to study. He has been looking after Molly with the help of our mums and one of my best friends. Without these people, finishing my degree would never have been possible, so I hope they know how much I appreciate them.

I had five exams in total and now I only have one left and it’s not until next week. My days will still be spent with my head in my books but I feel as though I can breathe a little more. Today I came home to a barbecue and I would love to spend some actual time having fun in the sun!


Every time things get too much and I feel like I am never going to make it, I just look at my Molly and I know it is all worth it.