There Was a Lounge in Here!

I cannot believe how much stuff one little person needs!

My sister has kids and so does some of my friends, so I knew how much was required, but I didn’t really think about it in my house! I have always been very particular about how I like my house kept, and was just the same about how I kept my bedroom growing up. I have the mentality that every thing has it’s place and it should belong there, and I am finding it hard to find space for all of Molly’s toys! For a tiny person the Jumperoo, play-mat, bouncy chair, Sit-me-up Cosy all seem so big!
When I was pregnant I wrote countless lists and bought every baby related item ready, so not only did I know I would need it but I had already thought about using it and had it in my home, just it was in the nursery. Now I am actually using it, I wonder where my lounge has gone?! I have now accepted that my lounge will never look like my lounge again, and will always stay a lounge/toy room/play area! I am clearing it though to keep clutter to a minimum and adding more pictures of Molly to keep it homely.


However I cannot complain because I love watching her play, and I am very lucky that I have such a contented baby because it means I can get on with studying. I think Molly had to learn that’s it is okay to be put down very quickly because we didn’t have time to always hold her with University as well. I do think it is a good learning experience for her though and something I will probably do with my future children too. When she cried we always checked she was alright but I hear mums that can’t put their children down for a second without screams and I am so glad Molly is not like that, and I do believe it is partly to do with how we handled her from day one. It makes cuddles all the more special!

Although she clearly finds all the playing very tiring:


Also over the last couple days Molly has been teething really bad. It started a couple weeks but it is starting to get considerably worse. We use teething gel, teething powder, and teething dummies in the fridge, but nothing seems to work. I find the powder is the best but in the next hour she is screaming again and rubbing her cheeks, and I can see the pain in her eyes. It literally brings me to tears. I don’t know much about teething or how long it lasts, but I hope this amount of pain won’t last too much longer for her. It’s causing her to not drink as much and she used to sleep for seven hours straight at night, but thats unfortunately gone now too.

But one thing that made me smile yesterday is a t-shirt that my Nanny bought for Molly. It is a bit big for her at the moment but I can’t wait until it fits. Its so so true!!