Emotions Running High!

I am starting to wonder when my emotions will go back to normal?!

In all honesty I thought I would be back to my regular self by now. Maybe I was being a bit naive as I guess 40 weeks of pregnancy hormones are not going to disappear in a matter of weeks. But as I returned to my normal daily life within days of giving birth, I forgot that it doesn’t mean my hormones would have returned at the same pace.

I am starting to sometimes hate the fact that I am not me anymore. At the time I  do not realise how I am acting but deep down I know it is not me. I can be too sensitive and I just snap! It’s not fair on D and he says that I whinge 90% of the time!! I know he is only joking but some days I must admit that he is true!  My main problem is that I over-react and cry at absolutely everything!! I don’t get mad though, just really upset! To silly things on the television, Molly playing, studying, and the most ridiculous stuff! Recently I have cried at a story about a dog, D playing with Molly,  my cat, clothing, CSI …. and I don’t know why?!

I have always been a strong minded person and even if something upset me, I wouldn’t burst out in to tears straight away, but I can’t seem to help it anymore!

Every time I cry or can’t control my emotions now I blame my hormones, but I think D worries I will always be this erratic!

I hope I can be myself again soon because I don’t like not being me anymore and have had enough of being an emotional wreck!