My Birthday Weekend

I celebrated my 23rd Birthday this weekend just gone, and it was lovely!

I tried not to think too much about the sadness that the day always brings but celebrate happy memories and enjoy myself.

I didn’t know what we were doing as everything was planned as a surprise.

In the morning, my sister and her three children came over and brought me two birthday cakes that they had made. I love watching the kids blow the candles out over and over because they get so excited!

Then D had planned for me, him, and Molly a day out to the zoo! I hadn’t been since I was at primary school and I really wanted to go, so it was a lovely surprise that he had remembered.



I wanted Molly to see all the animals with me but she pretty much slept from when we got there until we got to the gift shop! She loves her new pink penguin!


After the zoo we met up with my whole family and went for dinner. My mum had arranged for us to go to a restaurant that I hadn’t been to before but I really wanted to try.  It was an all you can eat diner and we defiantly made the most of it!!

On the sunday it was Molly’s Grandad’s Birthday so we went to his for dinner. Even though it was his 60th he still did all the food himself and even bought the kids presents, which I thought was so sweet!

Altogether I had a lovely weekend and was very spoilt!
It was the perfect way to also celebrate finishing University. Five years and it is finally over. Although I am now slightly sad that I will not be attending any more classes and it’s scary to face the working world now! Although, it was nice to be able to spend time with my family without worrying about studies. It is the most bazaar feeling to wake up and not have to think of revision straight away. It’s a feeling that I can’t quite explain and I kind of feel a bit lost. But I don’t think I will have much free time with baby Molly growing a little more each day. 🙂