Hungry Baby

This week I decided to start weaning Molly.

She is five months old and I really felt she was ready for food. Recently it seemed that her bottle was just not enough.

I bought all the spoons, bowls, blender, and meal books ages ago and I couldn’t wait to get started! I just wanted to finish University first so I could make sure I followed the same routine every day.

So since Monday I created a plan and it has panned out really well so far. I now put Molly in her cot in her own bedroom for her day time naps, and at the same time every day, and she goes down completely content and falls asleep within a minute or so. I have been really lucky because she already sleeps from 10pm until 7.30am! So I thought I best make her days into a routine too.

I was really unsure on how to wean because I never watched how my sister did it or anybody else. So I started off by buying a couple books but i found them a bit vague and mainly just giving me recipes. I had no idea what to do so I wanted an exact daily plan!! I was worried I would be doing something wrong. I thought that my demand was being a bit unreasonable but I managed to find some really good charts.

I know a couple people with newborns too so here are the links if anyone is interested:

I found this FREE weaning pack that gets sent to you in the post that is really useful too:

I have been looking at these and fitting them to Molly’s life and needs, and matching them to her normal feeding times. So far so good!


I started out with baby rice. I thought that on her first day of trying food, most of it would just slop out of her mouth! But to my amazement, she ate about 10 spoonfuls! Then on Tuesday she must about about 15 mouthfuls! Today, pretty much the whole bowl was gone!

photo-9 copy

I am going to continue feeding her just once a day until next week when I will introduce feeding her twice a day. But I didn’t want to rush in to this so her body can get used to real food and not upset her stomach.



Today I got excited to feed her more and started making baby food! I want to try and make most of her food myself instead of buying jars. We buy fresh fruit and vegetables anyway so it doesn’t make sense for me personally to buy jars as well. Today I found it really quick and simple to make the purees and it will be a big money saver.

I made her three different purees to try: carrot, butternut squash, and sweet potato. I was making carrot and butternut squash soup for myself anyway so it fitted in perfectly. A small amount of each ingredient made lots of portions for her so I have put them in little tubs and stored them in the freezer ready for when I need them. I hope she likes them!


I am really happy that we have had such a positive start to eating and I hope it continues with trying new flavours. I want her to try lots of different vegetables and flavours in the hope it will make her less fussy when she’s a bit older. I just can’t believe what a hungry baby I have!