Fishy Fun

This week hasn’t been particularly exciting for us!

At the start of the week I spent two days sorting out all my childhood things, which I will explain properly in my next post.

Tuesday was a lovely day however because me and my sister took Molly to a Sea Life Centre. She loves watching our fish at home swim around and she definitely enjoyed her day out. She couldn’t take her eyes off the tanks!




Although she probably just thought she was watching the television!

One section had UV light was which made her glow!!


The only part of the day that annoyed me was when we were in the cafe having a cup of tea and I was feeding Molly her bottle, and Molly started to feel really bad teething pain. She cried loudly until I found her teething powder and the pain was soothed, but until that point I was trying to rock her at the same time and trying to keep her calm. The thing that annoyed me was the rude lady on the table next to us that just stared at me!! I could see her judging me as if to say I was a bad mum because my child was crying. I can stand people like that! I know we all can admit at some point we have turned around because we have heard a baby cry but I always make a conscious effort to look away so the mum doesn’t feel any pressure. The fact is: all babies cry! And mostly when you don’t want them too but I think it is horrible how some one can judge your parenting skills on that one moment. I do the very best I can and it makes me so angry when people just stand watching me thinking they know better. I will always ignore them!

But apart from that and the freezing cold and wet weather it was a lovely day and so nice to spend some time with my sister. Sometimes I feel I am so busy I don’t have much time for normal encounters. It is something I must make sure I do more of!