Dear Dan

Dear Dan,

We got together so quickly and it has bit manic ever since then! Everything went so fast because of the unplanned pregnancy that we never got to have a ‘normal’ relationship and get to know each other properly at the start.

But I must say, I wouldn’t change this journey for the world!!

Like we both have said before, if I didn’t fall pregnant, you had planned to move to Bristol and I was in Plymouth, our relationship probably wouldn’t have made it.

Little did I know then but you are the one that I wish to spend my life with.

Yes we have had many bumps in the road!!! But even though mountains have stood before us, we managed to climb over them and it can only make us stronger. A new relationship, pregnancy, hormones, moving in together, plus University was a lot to adjust to within a matter if months (and I know my hormones were crazy!!) but we got through that, and the sleepless nights, a newborn with final studies, and commuting.. I feel like we can battle anything if we stick together.

Obviously I have loved you for some time now over the last few weeks I feel like I love you even more!!

I love you because..

You gave me Molly

You make me feel safe

You provide security

You put me first

You let me organise every aspect of the house!

You are kind

You take care of me

You respect me

You sit and watch cheesy television with me!

You make me laugh

You always give me the runny egg!

We are equals

You are ambitious

You are motivated

You are beautiful

You are caring

You are thoughtful

You love your family

You complete my lists!

You always cheer me up

You are my partner

I love you because you make me happy

And I can only try to spend the rest of my life making you happy too.

I will never be able to thank you enough for all that you do, but always remember how much I appreciate you and how much I admire you.

I want to grow old with you with lots more babies!!

I know we have our differences, and sometimes they are very big differences!! But we are best as a team and we can overcome them together.

I love you lots,

Love Fran xxxxxx