Lost: Slim Female Body, Reward If Found… I want my body back NOW!

Whilst I was pregnant I put on A LOT of weight!!!

Admittedly at times I overindulged in sweets and chocolate using the ‘it’s okay i’m pregnant!’ excuse. But I also seemed to store my weight no matter what I ate.

It is now starting to sink in how much bigger I am and it is making me far to unhappy.

My body is covered in stretch marks because of this. But as much as I don’t like their appearance, I can’t complain too much because they allowed my body to evolve to make space for my baby to grow. I would much rather have stretch marks and my baby than no marks!

My issue is just my weight. None of my old clothes fit and are no where near fitting me right now! I have had to put 10 black bin bags of clothes in the attic! That was depressing!!!

I have also found that I now put on weight really easily. Before I was pregnant I was really lucky and got away with living off pizza but now I just look at one and i’ve put on some pounds! My metabolism has completely changed and it’s not something I ever thought about before.

So now it’s time to shift these pounds!!!!

From today I have decided to loose my added weight. I think I put on about four stone during my pregnancy and have obviously lost some since giving birth. However I would still like to loose two stone. This means I will still be heavier than post pregnancy but I realise my body will never be the same shape.

I was going to join Weight Watchers but have not done so, although I may join later on if I find I am struggling. For now I am going to try eating healthier and watch my portion sizes because I think that’s quite a big part of how I was going wrong before. I don’t want to cut anything out of my diet or go on some crazy diet, I just plan to eat a little better and move a little more!

I hope to discover some great new recipes and will post any great ones I find. I will also be updating you every week with my weight loss progress. Hopefully this will give me motivation to keep going and loose the weight, it’s encouraging if I have to share how I am doing.

I am hoping to be at my target weight within four months, by loosing two pounds a week, which is the recommended healthy weight loss amount, and will hopefully enable me to keep the weight off for good.

This picture was taken a couple months ago. I want to take a picture each week too so I can see how my work is paying off. (I will be taking some full length body photos so I can see progress properly but I don’t have any and right now I am sat in my pj’s!!!)


So from today my weight loss stands at two stone to go!!

Do you have any weight loss top tips??