My Favourite Things About Being A Mummy

Not a day goes by where Molly doesn’t make me smile.

Some moments just makes my heart melt!

My favourite things about being a mummy are:

– The moment I pick her up from her cot in the morning and she is SO happy to see me and I get a glimpse of the most massive smile

– If she is sad I am her favourite person to comfort her

– All those sleepless nights are completely worth it because I know she loves me

– and I love her with all my heart

– She makes me happy and always cheers me up

– I have a bond with her like nobody else

– I can play all day and forget about the chores for a few hours and just be messy

– Being in pijamas all day is completely understandable!

– If I want to get out of doing something then I have a great excuse!

– I can watch cartoons all day

– I always want to better myself for her

– I can dress her in silly outfits!

– It’s okay if I am in bed by 9pm

– I can go on all the rides at Disney Land

– I get so excited my her achievements,  which to someone that doesn’t have kids almost rolling over doesn’t seem so great, but to me it’s amazing! Wahoo! Go Molly!!

–  She, unlike her daddy, likes my cooking and can’t complain

– She does something and makes me feel fantastic because I taught her how to do it


There are hundreds of reasons why I love being a mummy, and those are just a few of my favourite.

What are your favourite things about being a mummy?