How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week I thought I would make a start on sorting out my garden since I knew it was going to be sunny all week.

When we moved into our house last year the garden was a mess. It was full of over-grown weeds and couldn’t be used at all. So last summer we ripped out all of the weeds and laid down some turf to make a grass area. It made a huge difference and meant we can sit on the grass for picnics or sunbathing, and there is somewhere besides the patio for the children to play when they come over. We have two rabbits too and they love being our lawn mowers!

Since I was happy with that, I thought it was about time I tidied up the flower beds around the sides of the garden. The one at the back was completely full of cat poop and weeds, and the one at the side was full of overgrown shrubs, some half dead.

So I got to work!

Of course I had pretty girly tools!


I went to a couple local shops that sold flowers and nurseries (which I didn’t know was the proper name for a place that just sold flowers/plants!!), and got lots of different colour plants to brighten up my garden.


I started at the back and it took me over an hour to dig up the cats toilet!! By the time I had done that I wasn’t sure why I had decided to do the garden on a boiling hot day when I could have relaxed in the sun instead (well whilst Molly napped anyway)!  I got so sweaty!! Ever since having Molly it has become a normal thing and it’s horrible!!

It went from this:


To this:




I was given the little heart chalk boards as part of my birthday present from my cousin and I love them! I think they add a really nice personal touch, and Molly will be able to write her own messages on them one day.

Then I tackled the flower bed along the side and planted new shrubs after I pulled out all of the weeds:



I also made a flower pot:


But the rabbits decided they didn’t want me to have a flower pot so they ate all of the flowers instead! Now my flower pot looks like this!


Needless to say I was very annoyed!! I hope they don’t decide to eat any more!

All that I have left to do now is plant my herbs into bigger pots so they can grow in the garden instead of in the conservatory because we use them so much.

I have never done much gardening before so I am really proud of my efforts. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing really and I hope I can take care of it all well. Admittedly I did find it really hard work and it took me hours, and I definitely need more practice but I think I have made a good improvement to the garden so far. I am hoping it will look really good when everything starts to grow and bloom.

I cannot wait until Molly is old enough to play in the garden and enjoy it with me.