Getting Ready For Father’s day

With Father’s day next weekend, today I thought I would get organised for it.

I find most of the merchandise made for Father’s day in the shops really expensive for what you get, which often isn’t much. So, as it was our first Father’s day I wanted the gift from Molly to be really special.

So I made it!

I got a couple of the ideas from Pinterest and a couple were my own.

I did have to buy all of the materials and paints because I didn’t have any of them already, but if you are quite crafty then you probably have most of the items already. I could have gone to my local craft shop but I didn’t have time and ordered everything I needed off Ebay instead. It still didn’t cost me very much though, and much less than if I went to a retailers and bought something more generic, plus I got lots of special presents out of it, that hopefully D will cherish.

Below are all the presents that Molly is giving her Daddy for Father’s day this year, and how I made them.

I firstly started with the easiest one and made the wrap for the coke can.


I love this play on words! ‘Best Pop!’ I found this idea on Pinterest which was linked to Oopsey Daises Blog, written by Alison. Just like Alison’s partner, we are both on diets, so I also thought it would be a nice treat for D not to worry about the calories with the nutritional information being more positive!  Check out Oopsey Daisies Blog for her post and the free print out of the coke can sleeve here: Oopsey Daisies Blog.


I then made this:


I also saw this on Pinterest. It was originally made on the That’s Life Kids! Blog and here is the link: That’s Life Kids!

I needed some black paper, burlap, spray adhesive, and black paint.

I started by cutting out a piece burlap to size and glued it to a sheet of white computer paper using spay adhesive. Now I could print straight on to the burlap!

I used this poem: Walk a Little Slower Daddy, by Bobbie Norman.

Although first of all I printed the poem on normal printer paper with no burlap on to check the sizing and text. Once I saw it was all correct and bold enough, I just printed straight on to my burlap!


I then trimmed this and mounted it onto a black sheet, trimmed again and stuck on the decorative squares in the corners.
Next I cut the large background piece of black paper and burlap, and fixed them together in the same way with the spray adhesive.
Then came the tough bit:
Getting Molly’s feet in paint and on the burlap!!
And I had to do it on my own because obviously D could not help!! I striped her off and sat her on my lap in the bathroom, with the paint and burlap in front of me. I quickly painted her feet black, and of course she touched her feet with her hands because it tickled! Then I frantically had to stand her up to print her feet whilst making sure her hand went absolutely no where near her mouth! We did it! Then straight in the bath she went.


All I had to do then is stick the poem onto the large sheet with her prints on.


I made holes at the top of the sheet with my hole punch and thread ribbon through so we could hang it up, and I was done! Of course you could frame it if you prefer.
I think it looks great and i’m sure D will too!!

Finally I decorated a mug for him saying ‘Happy 1st Father’s Day’. I originally wanted to have Molly’s handprints on it but I could not risk her eating the paint!  So I drew around her hand and then painted this onto the mug myself using paint safe for the dishwasher. It turned out a little bit.. funky, less say!! I scratched the outline and her name using a pencil. When she is older she can paint her own mug for him but for now at least it looks like she painted this one herself!!


For my step-dad I also made him a coke can sleeve and I also made him this chocolate letter:


I saw the idea on Facebook and thought it was fab! So I adapted it to suit me. You could write any story you like for whatever suits your situation. I think it is much better than buying an expensive box of chocolates with just a few in! It’s quite quirky and so simple. Children could always pick their favourite snack to be added to the letter, then on Father’s day everyone has a treat.

To make this I wrapped up part of a cardboard box to give a sturdy background. Then I laid out the chocolates in the order I wanted them and rearranged them so the story made sense and made sure everything fitted on the page. I wrote the words on little pieces of paper and just stuck them on with paper glue. I used double sided sticky tape to hold the treats in place.

I hope D and my step-dad will love their presents. I am really impressed with how all the gifts turned out (well all but the mug!).
Any of them could be made as a Christmas or Birthday present too.

Every Father’s day I miss my Dad but always think of him, sending him my love where ever he is.

Happy Father’s Day Daddies!!!