My First Week of June 2013

At the start of the week I spent two and a half days sorting out my garden, which I wrote a post on: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Then on Thursday Molly had her third lot of jabs. She only had two and luckily didn’t get very upset. I am learning to handle them  much better now, as with the first couple I was a complete mess afterwards. It is not the needle that bothers me, it is the fact that she is in pain and she is so ill for days after. She isn’t eating as much, but that could also be due to the hot weather, but thankfully she doesn’t seem as ill this time.

I have also been really worried about the heat this week. Ever since Molly’s first night at home I have been really worried about her at night since I cannot watch over her. We have always made the necessary precautions to keep her safe and have a Gro Egg so we can make sure the temperature is what is recommended, which is between 16-20 degrees. However in this heat it has been really hard to keep the room in between that margin. We put her to bed in a one tog sleeping bag but now I think that is even too much. But on the night we put her to bed in just her clothes, with no bag, she woke up all night, and i’m used to her sleeping for nine hours straight! I am trying to put her to sleep with either just a vest or baby grow, not both as usual, and in her sleeping bag to see if that is okay. But I still worry all night that she is too hot. Our bedroom, where she sleeps also has been 25 degrees some nights. We have the window open and fan on, and only by the morning does it just reach 24 degrees. I don’t know how to cool our room down anymore?!

How do you put your baby to sleep in this heat??

I am worried for the summer as the temperature increases and maybe lasts longer throughout the day.

On Friday I booked Molly’s Christening. I have been wanting to do it for ages now and finally found a slot available, at the start of next month. So I have been trying to organise the after celebrations and her outfit.

On Saturday of this week, it was my niece’s birthday party (one of two parties!). So my sister asked a favour from me – Would I dress up as a bear mascot and go play with the children at the party! And of course I said yes!! If it makes my niece happy, then of course I would do it!


The costume was really hot and hard to see out of but some of the kids really loved it and kept coming over giving me hugs and waving. I sat and played pass-a-parcle with everybody before ‘the bear’ had to go. I went over to see my niece before I left the party and she said “You dressed up as a bear, you were pretending”!!!!! She’s too clever!

One day I will make my sister return the favour at a birthday party for Molly!!

This week I also made D’s and my step-dad’s Father’s day presents. You can see what I made them and how to make your own here: Getting Ready For Father’s Day. I am really happy with the results 🙂

Today we went for a family walk. It was lovely to be able to spend some time outside in the sunshine all together. I absolutely love living in the country and would never like to move away. We just went down the road and we were surrounded by such beautiful scenery.



After our walk we sat in the garden and had a BBQ.


I am now ending my day by watching CSI Sunday!
I have had a lovely relaxing day which is not something I get many of!

Something that I have been working on for a while is trying to teach Molly how to roll over. She is so close to being able to do it; she nearly manages to flip herself but then rolls back. It is something I will continue to try and teach her, and then we can focus on sitting up, which I cannot wait for her to do!

So that is what I did in the first week of June, 2013.