My First Week of Dieting

So this has been my first week of dieting and I thought it had gone quite well until I got on the scales this morning!

I have not been eating any bad snacks like chocolate or crisps, apart from I did have a bit of birthday cake on one day!

All my meals have been very healthy too. D is the cook in our house (lucky me!) and he knows lots about cooking, such as what is healthy and what is not. I am very surprised at how many things that you think are okay to eat but actually are not if you are trying to loose weight. We have mainly been chicken with salads, or a couple days we did bbq our meat and had vegetable skewers. I have been eating cereal for breakfast instead of toast with jam.

I have been eating lots of fruit which Molly has also taken a liking to!


This week I have been gardening and we went for a three mile walk so I considered that as some exercise.

When I weighed myself today I was really disappointed – I have only lost one pound.

I was hoping for more. I know it’s better than nothing but I felt I had been quite good this week compared to how I had been eating, so wanted a better result.

Although I found out today that in order to loose two pounds a week, which is ideally what I would like to acheive, without exercise for a woman, you would need to eat 7000 calories less than the recommended 14000 a week, which is just not possible for a healthy diet.

Pre-pregnancy, if I had been eating like I have been for the past week then I would have lost much more so it shows how different my body is now I have had a baby. D has been eating the same healthy diet and he has lost four pounds!

So I think I am going to have to increase the amount of exercise I do. Although I am not sure how I am going to fit it in with Molly too. I am going to take her for lots of walks and try exercise dvds when she is napping. Hopefully I will be able to start swimming or aquafit too one evening a week.

This is going to be a lot harder than I had anticipated!

But I cannot expect results over-night and must stay realistic.

Hopefully next week I will have lost at least another pound too.

Me, diet week 1: