Dieting Week 2

Wahoo! I have lost another 1.5lbs!

I haven’t been thinking about dieting too much this week, I have just been trying to eat a little less, and it is starting to pay off… slowly.

It is still only a small amount but I am happy that I am losing a little bit each week as the weight is more likely to stay off then. I don’t want to be yoyo dieting.

I need to keep an eye on my portion sizes still. D cooks and always plates me up a dish pretty much the same as his, and although it is yummy, I just don’t need that amount. He is making an effort to give me less. One problem I have is that I tend to eat what is on my plate, even if I am full. I need to learn to stop eating when I am full up and listen to my body. It’s hard when it’s so good, but at the end of the day it is just food and luckily something we have lots of! I am not eating so much to save up for the winter!!

I haven’t done much exercise this week as I haven’t been feeling great and didn’t want to put more pressure on my body. But I have been told about the 30-day shred videos and they have been recommended to me. I really want to try it because I think I will be able to fit the 20 minute workouts in really easily. But I want to do it seriously so I am not starting the routine yet. Next week I have a training week from Monday to Friday and will be working all day with extra assignments, so with that, I want to spend all of my free time with Molly. It is going to be hectic enough so I thought I would start the workouts after next week. Hopefully all the rushing around I will be doing will be enough.

So for this week my aim is continue to watch my portion sizes and hopefully a little more will fall off!!

Me, diet week 2:


Weight loss to date: 2.5lbs.