What is Wrong? Weaning Worries or Something More?

I feel like I am not getting very far with Molly’s weaning and I don’t know why.

We started off really well and she was drinking all of her bottles and eating good portions of her home-made puree too. I now feed her fruit puree mixed with porridge for breakfast and a vegetable puree for lunch, and she has four bottles a day too. I am following a weaning plan and this week we should be on three meals a day, adding in a dinner meal too.

But she seems to have gone off her food and it is becoming really hard to feed her. Not every day, some days are better than other days, and she will usually eat the majority of one meal a day but then often won’t touch the other and I have to throw it all in the bin. So I am not sure if she is ready for three meals a day and I don’t want to just waste it.

Im not sure if she doesn’t like it or if she is just not interested.

I try and follow a routine and do feedings at the same time each day, and over the past week I have been being a bit sloppy with this, so i’m not sure if that has something to do with it. This week I am really going to try and stick to the routine again because I do believe that it does make a difference.

But now I am worried she is ill.

D has had a really sore throat and cold for the last two weeks and it is only just clearing up. I haven’t been feeling 100% but I mainly just had a bad headache. Could she have caught his illness? I don’t think she is displaying any cold-like symptoms though.

But now I am questioning whether or not if she has an ear infection. How are you suppose to tell the difference between an ear infection and teething?


She hasn’t been sleeping too well recently. She normally sleeps all through the night, and has done for weeks and weeks now, and only wakes up wanting her dummy in the night, which happens once or twice, and as soon as she has her dummy she falls flat out again. But now three nights in a row she has woken up. The first and third I managed to settle her back down by rocking her and walking around the room, but it took quite a long time and she was a very unhappy baby. The other night she was pretty much awake the entire night from 1.30am and I ended up having to feed her too, and even then she was still not completely happy. But then her poor sleep could be related to the hot and stuffy weather.

She often pulls at her ear but I thought this was related to her teething. She was teething so bad and it has seemed to have settled down more recently and I haven’t noticed it as much. If she is rubbing her ear is this because her teeth hurt, her ear hurts, or something else?!

I have been giving her Calpol baby paracetamol and it is the only thing that really works when she is really crying. I do think she is in some kind of pain and then she always seems much happier after a dose. Sometimes she is so upset and really cries her heart out, which is very out of character for her. But I don’t want to be using Calpol for too many days in a row.

I am unsure if I am over-reacting because I am a first time mum. Maybe it is just the heat causing a holt to the weaning plan. Maybe it is just the heat causing her unsettled sleep. Maybe she rubs her ear because her teeth are hurting.

But my gut feeling says that she is ill. I don’t know whether I should continue to try Calpol and see how she goes or take her to the doctor? I don’t want to take her if it is nothing and waste their time. I don’t think it is an ear infection because she is not in pain all the time, but she defiantly rubs her ear, has loss of appetite, and is very upset.

Has anyone been through the same thing? Any advice would be much appreciated!