Dieting Week 3

Today I was a bit worried about stepping on those scales.

On Saturday night my mum, stepdad and sister came over for dinner, and it was a bit like a belated Father’s Day meal. So I thought as it was a special occasion, we could be a bit naughty! They are all on a diet too so I didn’t want everyone stressing about ‘how healthy is this?!’ and just enjoy the food.

I cooked and it was very calorific!! I made chicken with a selection of greens but with creamy potatoes! Very creamy! And I even dabbed my hand at a bit of baking and baked a home-made cheesecake, for the first time ever. I don’t know if something was wrong with the recipe, which I followed exactly so it’s not an error I made, but it was massive! The recipe said to make it in a cake tin and it was that tall?! So not your normal size cheesecake! Because it was so big and there was not enough of us to eat something so massive, I let them take the leftover pieces home with them so I didn’t have the temptation around me!

Even with that though, the scales were still nice to me!

Another 1.2lbs gone!!

Amazing really after the amount I ate!

My portion sizes are definitely reducing but they still need to shrink some more.

My training week at a school has now begun so hopefully the work will help shed something too.

Me, diet week 3:


Weight loss to date: 3.7lbs