That’s Tough Training!

So this week I haven’t even found time to blog! I am sorry I abandoned you! But I am still alive don’t worry!! I have just been so busy with a training course.

This week marked the first session of a considerable amount of training.

It was my first induction to teacher training, and it has been one intense week!!

The week started off by doing three days of training at the school which will be conducting our training all year. We will have a teacher trainee training day every Tuesday from September, and I hope they are a bit more gentle than the ones from this week.

It has been completely overwhelming and scary!

We were all given large files full with information and inundated with masses of extra  paperwork. From what I can gather I will need to organise around 14 or so more files to prepare for all the necessary paperwork I am about to complete. It’s a good job I don’t mind paperwork and I am an extremely organised person!

Over the summer I want to prepare all of these and even get a started on some of the work so I have a tiny bit less to do come the next academic year. I need to start reading too. We have been given a requirement of a minimum of ten book reviews to complete and a short essay. I will have three major essays to write this year and I am a bit worried because writing is not my strong point and they have to be of Masters Degree level in order for me to gain the relevant Masters credits this year. I am in no rush to complete a Masters degree after this teacher training but it is something I am considering for the future.

I also want to do lots and lots of research on behaviour management because one of my biggest concerns about going into a classroom is the ‘naughty kids’! I will be teaching secondary school mathematics and there is always a pupil that doesn’t like maths at this age and feel they don’t need to cooperate. I really don’t like it when kids are ‘mouthy’ and always answer back and it’s something I have to work on so I can control the class and deliver an effective lesson.  Hopefully I will be okay once I have found my voice (and worked on it not going high pitch once it is raised!).

Lesson planning is going to take me HOURS until I really  get in to the swing of it and I defiantly know it is going to consume much of my time. I have to start teaching after a week of starting at the school and I am so nervous! I actually hate public speaking so I really need to build up my confidence.

I feel I have many tools which will enable me to be a good teacher and I have a real passion for teaching and learning and that is the most important thing.

On Thursday I got to visit the school in which I will be actually teaching at and completing my training. I will be there all year working towards my QTS and PGCE. It is still about 40 minutes from my home but as I used to travel two hours each way to Plymouth and back, this is much better!

The school is lovely and makes me feel really welcomed and at ease. When I am there I get really eager to get going.

On Friday it was an inset day at the school but all the staff still had to go in, so I went along too. They had their training day and I must say, it was amazing! They had a special speaker who has given me a real boost and so much inspiration. His name was Jim Smith and he created the Lazy Teacher. His way of thinking is ‘How your students learn more when you teach less’. I came away with a completely new way of thinking and pages and pages of ideas. For anyone who already is or is going into the teaching profession, then I strongly recommend you buying his book and using it as your Teaching Bible. I cannot speak highly enough of this guy!
For anybody interested, click on the picture below for the link to the book:


I am very glad the training is over for now though because it really was such an intense week and full of information overload! I am excited to start in September but I am so happy I have a couple months off with Molly first. I felt like I barely saw her this week and it has made me realise just how organised I need to be next year so training does not completely consume my life. I miss this little face…


Hopefully I can adapt the ‘lazy way’!