Happy Half Birthday Beautiful

Wow! I cannot believe my baby Molly is 6 (calendar) months old today!

It only feels like yesterday that I was still pregnant and waiting impatiently for my due date to come along. Now I cannot believe how much she has grown and how she isn’t a little baby any longer, she is growing beautifully into a little girl with her own personality.

From this..


to this..


Having Molly is 100% the best thing to happen to me. I will never be able to explain to her the amount that I love her and want to protect her.

Having a baby has also given me a completely new appreciation for my own mother, knowing that this is how she feels about me, and she always makes this clear to me. I hope Molly will know just how much she means to me.


However the last six months have been tough though! Travelling to and from University with a body that hadn’t healed, no sleep, and emotions everywhere, was really hard! But every second was worth it. I knew I would be able to do it because it mattered that I set a good example to Molly. She gives me strength.

Everyday, without fail, she makes me smile. She makes me proud. She makes me want to better myself. She makes my life complete.

If I am not with her for an hour or so then my heart aches and I miss her crazily.

It’s so amazing because in her world all she does is drink, eat, poop, play, and sleep, and has no idea how much that doing them things enriches my life! It’s mad!!


She is so nosey and inquisitive, and wants to know what everything is and of course eat it! Her weaning is coming along really well now and we are slowly building up her portion sizes. I have a completely new attitude about it compared to the one I held at the start of her weaning journey, and I know just to go steady and eventually we will get there.Β Β Her teething and heat still alter how hungry she is, but we always sit down for a meal at the same times each day so she can learn her routine, and I think she really knows it now. I also have learnt how she shows me she is teething so I can deal with it quickly and make her feel better. It still effects her badly and she has pulled at her ear so hard she ripped the skin and made it bleed in her sleep, but I hope this will never happen again.

I have learnt what most of her different cries mean and know what she wants me to do. I absolutely love being the one person who truly knows her.


Her movement is progressing now. She can roll from her tummy to back and vice versa but doesn’t do it very much unless she has her eye on a particular toy. She still cannot sit up yet but we practice every day and sometimes she can hold her balance for a second but then goes to head-butt the floor (I catch her before she does!). She does this funny shuffle and can make it nearly across the whole room! She lies on her back and uses her feet to shuffle herself backwards and is extremely fast! I always make sure I watch her doing this because obviously there is furniture around and she will bang her head. She sometimes does it in her cot and does it until her head hits the bars and then she can’t move herself back down so just lies there and screams!

She loves being outside and is fascinated by animals, so we try and go on lots of walks. She loves bath time too and manages to soak absolutely everything in the room. If she is watching television then she can be hypnotised and especially loves Mr Tumble and In The Night Garden.

She still sleeps brilliantly and will fall asleep about 9pm and sleep through until 7am. She wakes once or twice around 5am each night because she wants her dummy but then falls straight back to dream land.


I couldn’t imagine my life without her and would not want to. I didn’t know this kind of intense love existed and it is so powerful and consuming.

I hope my baby is happy and knows that I will always be here to help her, guide her, and be there for her no matter what. She has made me so happy in just a few short months and my only dream would be that I make her as happy as she makes me.

She is the centre of my world and she truly brightens every day of my life.

Molly Amaya, Happy Half Birthday. I Love You xXx