Dieting Week 4

Last week I originally thought that because I would be doing my first Teacher Trainee training course for a week, that all the rushing around would help me loose some pounds.

But what do teachers do… Drink tea with biscuits!

The school provided us with lunch every day but they were not overly healthy, mainly just pasta type dishes accompanied by a can of fizzy. At break times they provided tea/coffee with biscuits too.

And there wasn’t so much rushing around! I mainly just sat and took notes constantly.

I was even quite naughty this week because me and my sister treated ourselves to a take away, plus we went out for dinner too!

I thought I must have gained at least a couple of pounds but no no no!

This week (somehow) I have lost 0.5lbs!

It’s not much but amazing considering the rubbish I have eaten! It really is showing me how much portion size matters.

Me, diet week 4:

Photo on 03-07-2013 at 21.59

(weird picture I know!)

Weight loss to date: 4.2lbs