Where’s the Dummy-Fairy?!

So I want to take Molly’s dummy away.



Molly is 6 months old now and I feel it’s time.

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We gave her a dummy to help settle her as a newborn because we struggled with fitting in University and sleep! And it did seem to really help with her teething pain. She rarely uses it to fall asleep, it is just a comfort thing for her.

But before she forms a real attachment to it and learns what it is, I want it to go. Every parent has their own opinion on dummies, some hate them and some love them, but for me, it is time to get rid! I read that you should take them away before your baby is nine months old so they can’t remember it and before they form any long term dependency on it. I just don’t want Molly to be walking around with a dummy in her mouth as a toddler and have it affect her speech development or cause her teeth to grow at an angle.


I want to incorporate removing the dummy with learning her to self-sooth.


I figured I would start by not letting her have her dummy in the day at first. It is going to be hard because it is much easier to give her a dummy when I am trying to do the cleaning/cooking/shower!! When I am out shopping or in a public place and she starts screaming, using her dummy always makes her quiet so I may not be leaving my house for a while!!

Then eventually take it away all together. If she is having terrible teething pain then I will let her have it because it really does seem to help with the pain, and just hope she doesn’t teeth for much longer!


I will be telling her the dummy-fairy needs all of her dummies to give to the tiny new babies!!

How did you take away your child’s dummy? Did you take it away altogether or in stages?