Molly Amaya Christened 7.7.13

This weekend saw Molly’s Christening.


We chose to have her Christened in our local Church and it happened to be the same Church that D got Christened in when he was younger too.


We invited all of our close family and friends and it was a lovely turn out. It was wonderful that so many people came to contribute to Molly’s day.

We are not strongly religious but getting her Christened was definitely the right decision for me. All of my family are Christened and I would have felt as if she was being left out of the family otherwise. I believe in my own religious aspects, I just don’t follow strongly, nether-the-less I still wanted her Christened and hopefully she will follow the same views as me one day.


After the service, which was quite short because it was held after the normal Sunday service so it just our guests, we went across the road to the Village Hall. We had decorated it with banners and balloons and set up a buffet with drinks and a bouncy castle with music too. It was hard to circulate though and talk to everyone whilst trying to look after Molly and sort the food etc.


But after the couple hours we spent at the hall, we had most of our friends back to our house, just down the road, for a BBQ and to continue the celebrations. The weather was boiling hot so we all sat out in the garden and had a few more drinks together.

It was so nice to see everyone because it’s hard to find the time nowadays and relax together. Molly loved all the attention and was so well-behaved all day. She was very very spoilt and people were so kind and gave her lots of cards and presents.


Thank you to everyone who came and made Molly’s day special and for all your kindness with the gifts.


Molly Amaya, Christened 7th July 2013.