What to do in the Summer Sun?

Wow! It’s hot!!


Now I don’t want to seem like a typical Brit and start complaining, but it is hot! Really hot!

I wouldn’t mind it if I could sit in the garden and sunbath all day but that’s an impossibility with a baby, it is far to much for her sensitive skin and we have no shade.


The other day I made her a tent shade and put her play mat underneath it so she could play and I blew up an air bed and led on it next to her in the sun! But she soon got restless because I guess playing on a play mat is the same whether your inside or out!


Instead we have to sit in our house normally so she is protected, but our house isn’t exactly cool because we have a conservatory that heats the whole place in this weather.

But I want to do more with my summer than sit inside!

So I have been thinking what things I could do or places I could go with Molly this summer.

We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful country so we can go on walks.


But I want to do something different to what we normally do!

We were going to take her to the Beach a couple days ago but I was worried she would be too exposed so we didn’t go in the end. I may look into getting a beach shade and see if that helps.

I have also noticed there are a couple outside/inside animal farms around the area we can try out. She loves seeing animals so I think she would enjoy this.

She is too young for lots of things like visits to the park or picnics in the sun so it’s really hard to think of something for us to do so I can get some sun and she is entertained yet safe.

Any ideas?