Well I Never Thought I Would be a Single-Mum

So unfortunately it has happened.

From now on I will be a single-mummy.

Today D came over and collected the rest of his things.

We decided yesterday that things were not working out and it’s not right to carry on unhappy.

We both know we love and care for each other still.

I fell pregnant right at the start of our relationship and so ever since then we have had to juggle a new relationship whilst moving in together, a growing bump and increased hormones, a new baby and sleepless nights, plus University and commuting!!! I am surprised we survived it all!! I am so proud to say that we made a house a beautiful home, a gorgeous baby girl, and both passed our degrees…. somehow?!

Trying to keep up with University and Molly, something had to take a back seat, and in order for us to keep going with every thing else, unfortunately it was our relationship that got neglected.

We have decided that this split will be best for us right now.

One day we hope to work things out and be a family again. We have both said this but agree we just need a time out.

We have arranged times when he can see Molly already so she won’t miss out on time with him.

I am really sad that things haven’t worked and hate to have a broken family  but I do believe it is the best decision for us and therefore I hope it will bring a  better atmosphere for Molly.

I also think I need some me time. Before I was with D, I was in a… umm …. complicated… relationship!! Then my father passed away and I was mad at him for leaving me. Then following that I was dealing with family issues and solicitors. It gave me the impression that men are complete idiots and it had made me so independent. I had my mum and siblings around me but I still felt so alone sometimes and it only made me more and more independent with everything I was going through.

I knew it was easier to be more individual because then I could never get hurt.

Well that attitude doesn’t really work in a relationship! I think I need to work on that personally. I don’t like to get upset about stuff, I just tend to deal with the consequences and move on. I think I need to find my emotions again!

D wants to focuss on his career and I need to work on me.

Then maybe one day who knows what might happen?!

Untill then… I will be doing something I never thought of…

I am.. adding up 2 be a single mum!