It’s Time For A Revamp!

Over the last couple of days  I have been revamping the house since my break up so the house feels more ‘mine’ and less ‘ours’. It can feel horrid to be in a place which totally reminds you of your ex so I am trying to make it feel more personal to me. I started with my bedroom. I had my friends help to go shopping and we chose new bedding, curtains, cushions, and even lamp shade. Molly liked to help push her pram when we were walking around the store!


I spent all day yesterday moving the furniture around, changing the position of my bed and putting all the new furnishings up. I am so happy with the finished results and it feels really comfortable for me. Even when we were together I must admit that the room mainly had my stuff in, and by mainly I mean everything in the room belonged to me! D had his desk and wardrobe in another room because I needed all the closest space in ours! He only shared the bed really! But still, it needed a new ‘me’ look, and it’s totally got it!


I also bought new appliances for the kitchen and added a bit of colour. The kitchen bits seemed to be half mine and half his so I had to go out and buy lots of replacement items but I didn’t mind too much because at least I got to choose whatever I wanted.


I even chose hot pink scales for the bathroom! The last ones were his and I desperately needed some to track my dieting (although I was not happy when I stepped on them!!).


I want to do a few more house bits soon too. I want to repaint the bathroom and the hallway. The walls are completely covered in scratches and it looks so dirty so a new coat of paint will give it a fresh look.
I am trying to make the house even more homely. I feel really comfortable here and in all honesty I didn’t think I would be this okay about living on my own but I actually quite like it. I have lived on my own before but I still worry what goes bump in the night!


The main things I am struggling with is all the little things D used to do. When I went to the bedding shop I had to use the Satnav because D usually drove to it and I didn’t know the way on my own. And spiders! There are spiders everywhere! D used to catch them and put them outside but now I am on my own it means I just have to avoid that certain area of the house until the spider decides to move on!!!

I am good though! Me and D still talk regularly and Molly doesn’t seem to know any different. I am not lonely because I am so busy. It’s also nice to have the bed to myself!! I think me and D will be spending some time together to see how things go but for now I am happy and completely content with living with my baby. More cuddles for Mummy!photo-67