Dieting Week 5

Last week I never did a weight loss post so this week has been my week 5 instead!

With everything going on between me and D I kind of lost track.

But I am back on it now!

I went to aquafit this week with my sister. Years ago whilst I was at college I went to aquafit on a weekly basis and I loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would like it this time around or if I would struggle as I am so unfit now. But I really enjoyed myself! It’s a brilliant exercise and great for circulation and it’s a whole body workout. There was music played really loud which really helped with the exercise and as I was in the water I didn’t feel all horrible and sweaty! It is definitely an exercise I would like to continue on a weekly basis.

Although my eating has not been too great this week because I have missed meals where I have been so busy with D moving out and trying to sort the house out whilst looking after Molly too, and I know skipping dinner is really bad whilst you are trying to watch your weight. Plus it is really hard to get used to cooking for one!

From this week onwards I think I have got my ‘portion for one’ about right and I am making sure I use tupperware boxes for any thing leftover.

Unfortunately I put on weight this week. 1.5lbs have crept back on me.

I am determined to get this back off and am so annoyed that I have put something on instead of loosing it. But I know this is to be expected when dieting and it has reminded me just how hard it is to loose weight!

Me, diet week 5:


Weight loss to date: 2.7lbs