Date #1

This week me and D went on our first date!

I think we only had one proper date when we first got together where we went out for dinner, so technically this would be our second date in our entire relationship!! It was well overdue!

The date was lovely! I have to give him credit because he made a real effort and I could tell. It was really nice that he thought about what I would like and made me feel special.


We went to the beach, just me and him and his mum watched Molly for the evening. It was actually really hard for me to talk about something other than anything baby related because Molly is always on my mind. I tried my best to keep baby talk to a minimum though so we could talk to each other and get to know each other better. It felt weird to have some uninterrupted time to actually have a full length conversation together!


Even though we have only had one date together I feel going back to the beginning and dating again is just what we need and will really help us to connect. We are going to try and have dinner together once a week and then do a date night each week too, and try not to spend too much time together otherwise so we keep our own space.. and obviously give me time to miss me!!!!! He will be watching Molly during the week too so we will bump into each other then but that will be to focus on Molly only really.


He organised the first date so now it’s my turn to organise the second, but I am struggling! I want to repay the favour to him but I am finding it really hard to think of something that he would like that is not too obvious.

Any suggestions?