I Want My Mummy!!

I never thought much about all of the stages Molly would be going through at this stage of her life, and maybe I should have found a bit more time to do so. But as coping with University and a new born was so manic that time was precious and never left much time to think about future occurrences.

But all that has past now and our next big hurdle is here. We got through the initial ‘Ohh gosh I have a tiny little baby, am I doing things right?!’ stage and I think the worst of the teething stage is over for now; we have started the weaning stage and are also on to the  learning to move stage, and now it’s time to face the next one: the separation anxiety stage!!

Over the past week especially I have noticed Molly going through this. She cries and cries until I pick her back up. She is okay if she is happy to bounce in her Jumperoo or if In The Night Garden is on, but she normally spends quite a significant time playing on her playmat with her toys and normally enjoys it. I have had her crying before until I put her down! But no more!


It feels like half of the day is spent with her crying out for me. I spend as much time with her as I can but I don’t want her to learn that I will always pick her up immediately if she cries and cause her to never learn how to self-soothe. Sometimes it is not possible for me to pick her up because it is dangerous like when I am cooking or sometimes not practical like when I am already in the shower!

But I hate to just listen to her cry.

I am trying to leave her for a few minutes instead of just running straight to her each time but sometimes by that point she has got herself in such a state.



I worry about leaving her now, not that I do often but she does have to go and spend time with her father too.

Two nights she has been a nightmare to put to bed and on both of these nights it wasn’t me who put her to bed so I am guessing that was part of the reason. One evening D’s mum watched her so me and D could go on our date night and the other night she was left with D so I could meet my friends. But all night we were up and nothing would settle her by then, it was just too late!! Now I feel guilty and feel as though I can’t leave her with anyone but me and am scared for our date night this week incase it upsets her.

I know it is completely normal for her to go through this stage and it will make her understand that people/things exist even when she can’t see them.


I am struggling with this stage already!! Doesn’t it get worse  when your baby is about one year old?!

It breaks my heart to think that she is upset because of me.

How did you cope through this stage?