Dieting Week 6

This week I feel like I have lost weight!

I got out the tape measure to check the size of my waist and even though it is only by a small amount, it has reduced!! Yayy me!

I think I have been really stressed this week so thats probably what has caused me to loose some pounds because I haven’t really changed my diet in any way.

I still need to find some time to squeeze a little exercise in though. I always say ‘oh next week’ but the weeks are flying by. I am always really busy and have hardly any time to see my friends let alone workout! I have been going out in the mornings this week and that would be the best time for me to fit in some space to do something like a workout dvd. By the evening I am generally exhausted and wouldn’t be able to hack it!!

I have been dieting for six weeks now and I am so shocked a how little weight I have lost. I have dramatically changed the way I am eating and I rarely eat any junk food now, and I thought that was what was making my weight stick to me before, but obviously not. I used to be able to loose weight so easily and I genuinely cannot believe how hard it is now I have had a baby. I am however finding it easy to diet now I am living on my own. The trouble when your in a relationship is if your partner has a treat, then you automatically do too, if you are hungry or not (well I did anyway!).

But hey, slowly but surely will will the race!!

I have lost 1.6lbs this week. I feel so much better after last weeks set back. I hope I can continue to loose about this much next week too!!

Me, diet week 6:


Weight loss to date: 4.3lbs