Diet Week 7

This week I have said goodbye to a bit more weight!!


I have lost another 1.6lbs!

I have been helping my mum lots this week which means lots of running about so that must have helped and I have been really watching my portion sizes.

Even after a naughty wine night and even a take away night too, I still managed to loose this week. This has given me a real boost and has made me even more determined to get the weight off.  I am treating myself sometimes though because I don’t think it’s good to cut treats out all together when dieting because otherwise the weight will creep back on when your diet is finished and you start to give yourself a bit more leeway with foods.  I feel I am doing it in the right way so that the weight stays off for good.

Apart from that, I am being good with my meals and trying to be healthy. Some of my favourite recipes at the moment are those by Jamie Oliver. These links show a couple different recipes from him but I find these two in particular very yummy:

Thai Chicken Laksa and Mildly Spiced Noodle Squash Broth 

Black Bean Beef Burgers with Noodles and Water Chestnut salad

Today I also started Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred and it was quite tough! I think I would have been okay doing it before my pregnancy but there were definitely times I struggled during the workout today! I hope to be able to do it most days and see a difference. I am aiming to do it everyday but I know somedays it is literally not possible for me to. However it is only 20 minute workouts which include a warm up and cool down so it is really easy to fit into the day, which means I normally have time to work out and have a shower whilst Molly naps. It is advertised at making you loose 20lbs in 30 days and even though this would be fantastic, I will not be surprised if I do not quite achieve this, but anything around a stone would be lovely! So I am putting it to the test.

Next week I hope I have lost a further 1.1lbs so I hit the half a stone mark!

Me, diet week 7:


Weight loss to date: 5.9lbs