7 Months Beautiful

My beautiful baby is getting so big and is now 7 months old.

It has gone so quickly yet it feels like she was 6 months old for a really long time.

Every day I grow closer to her but I somehow still feel like I do not spend enough time with her. It has been so lovely to have the summer holidays to spend with her with no University stresses, but it makes me extremely sad that in just a few short weeks, I will be embarking on my teacher training and I will go back to never getting much time with her. This really makes me not even want to do my training but I know it will enable me to give her the best future and that just pushes me forward.

I love this picture of her squishing my cheeks trying to kiss me!


She is weaning really well and eating good sized portions now. She has three meals a day and even though she sometimes doesn’t want her dinner, I always try to give her something she likes so she can work on increasing that particular meal. She has snacks in-between to keep her full up as her bottles are five hours apart. Her favourite thing is her juice and I think she would drink it all day long if she could!


She now sleeps in her own bedroom as of this week: Why I have felt like a lonely zombie today!  I had a first tough night, followed by an okay one, followed by another tough night and last night was the best night yet! She went to bed at 9pm and I went and woke her up for cuddles and a bottle about 10.30pm. She went straight to sleep after she had her bottle and slept through until 7am this morning. She did wake up about 5ish but only for about a minute, and she didn’t cry, just groaned a little bit whilst she rolled over to get comfy. I am so proud of how well she has done with this big transition and how quickly she has adapted to the change. Hopefully we will be able to remove her dummy all together soon.

Although she often sleeps with her eyes half open!!


We are still working on how to sit! She can do it sometimes and her progress is coming along really well but we need to do a bit more work still. She can sit unaided for about a minute but then tries to fall on her face!!! Her balance is all over the place still and she cannot work out how to sit and lean for a toy or tilt her head up to see the television at the same time as staying up-right. I don’t think it will be long though until she gets it and we are practicing every day to help her.




Her legs are amazingly strong from her loving to bounce in her Jumperoo. When she is led on her tummy she is pushing her legs into the crawl position, I think it won’t be long until she is moving, she just needs her arm strength to catch up. I definitely thinks she gets a bit frustrated sometimes that she cannot move about so when she can finally do it, she will be off into everything and I will struggle to keep up with her!

She is still going through her separation anxiety and sometimes it makes me feel so guilty to leave her and get stuff done but if she is distracted then I normally sneak away to do the chores etc! If she sees me leave the room then she bursts into tears straight away until I come back. I feel so cruel! Hopefully it won’t last too long because I do not want her really upset whilst she is with other people when I am training.


She is a little chatterbox! She loves talking away and goes on for a really long time. I would love to know what she is saying to me! I am trying to get her to say ‘mama’ but all I get back is ‘baba’ which is too much like ‘dada’ for my liking!! I know it doesn’t matter if she says ‘dada’ first, as most babies do because it is the easier word to say, I just really want her to say ‘mama’!!!

She is a happy little baby and ever so nosey! She is always looking around and trying to see everything, she takes an interest in everything I hold or everything I am doing and always likes to be involved. She doesn’t like to be cuddled to much though strangely enough, she just wants you to hold her and walk around showing her everything!


She lights up my life every single day and makes me smile from the moment I see her little gummy grin in the morning. My love grows for her constantly and I am consistently shocked at how the shear amount of love I have for her could even increase.

She amazes me, she is wonderful, she is perfect.

She is my beautiful baby Molly Amaya, 7 months old.