The Versatile Blogger Award!


I am absolutely amazed!

I have been nominated for my first blogging award! *big smiles*

Thank you very much to Starting Over As Ms for awarding me this. I cannot tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to receive the award.

It means a lot to be recognised and it’s nice to have the support of other bloggers out there, so thank you to you too!

There are some ground rules I have to follow with accepting this award, which are:

* You must award it to 15 bloggers and link them in to your post.

* Place the award certificate on your blog/website.

* You must announce your win with a post and link it back to the kind blogger who nominated you. 

* Those who receive this award are asked to then post 7 interesting things about yourself.

So, following the rules, here are my 7 facts about me (this is hard to think of on the spot!):

1. I MUST be organised. To the extreme level. If things are not organised then I get stressed, really stressed! Every cupboard, drawer, day, night, organised! It’s not always a good thing but I like organisation.

2. To help me stay super organised I write lists. Lots and lots and lots of lists. For everything: what to-do, what needs cleaning, what presents need buying, what shopping needs buying, what drawer needs organising, what Molly’s routine is. Everything I need to do, I write a list for. Again, not always a good thing, but it means I never forget anything!!

3. I like being on my own. Now I am not saying I don’t like people, I do! But I love spending time on my own. I am quite happy to spend days on my own, not speaking to anyone. Maybe I find it easy because I have Molly and I can ramble on to her all day long but I don’t feel the need to see people all the time. I am quite content just me.

4. Although, at the same time I wish I had more time for my friends. I feel I am always so busy with some thing going on in my life and it means I rarely have much time to just hang out with them. This can really suck.

5. I want to be that crazy cat lady! I love cats and have two living with me right now. I am looking after one for a friend although I really love her and want to keep her, but I don’t think I am allowed (although I ask all the time!) My cat, before Molly, was always my baby and you can tell! He is a very spoilt little cat with a very spoilt attitude! His name is Heratio, after Hertaio Caine from CSI Miami (i’m a big fan!). I want ten or so cats one day and be the weird lady with all the cats!!!

6. I HATE plasters! I will not have one unless I really really have too. I literally cry trying to get them off, no matter how wet or non-sticky they are and I really get myself in a complete state! I don’t know why I am like it or where it came from, but it’s something I just can’t get over. I know it’s weird! Always weird when I get an injection and I am fine with the needle, that part doesn’t phase me.. But then they try and stick that horrid tape on me to hold the cotton wool in place.. NO! Just no!

7. I don’t like odd numbers! 5 can be okay sometimes but generally even is better. When it comes to how many of something to buy or what volume number the television/radio should be on, even is always better!

So theres my 7 interesting(ish) but probably mostly weird, facts about me that maybe you didn’t know. It kind of sounds like I have OCD now, but I don’t think I do?!

Now it’s time for my 15 top versatile blogs, in a random order, that I think you should take a look at:

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I hope you enjoy these amazing blogs too!

To my 15 nominees, you know what to do – follow the rules! Then pat yourself on the back for doing a great versatile job on your blog!

I want to thank everyone that reads my blog and gives me the opportunity to blabber on about me and get your advice and opinions too. It makes my life much easier to know some one out there is going through the same thing as me.

Mums stick together!