We’ve Pretty Much Got It Mastered!

So after 7 months we have pretty much got it mastered!

Molly can sit!!



She hasn’t got it perfected yet but she is really almost there.

She still wobbles and falls back, or if she leans one way a bit too much then she falls and almost hits her face! But I am always with her and ready to catch her if she needs me.

Tonight when we were practising I put a cushion behind her incase she fell but she barely needed it.


She loved being able to sit and got upset if she led down.


I think she likes seeing the world from the upright angle!

Before she would fall down whenever she turned her head but tonight she was even turing to look at the television and had no problems.



I was playing with her toy turtle which has a sting on which you pull along and I was making it go around and around and she wouldn’t take her eyes off of it and she still held her balance.

She still needs to work on her balance but I am hoping that if we practise every day she will have it perfected within the next few days.

I am so proud of her and it makes me so happy to see she has hit this milestone.



I really don’t think it will be long now before she is trying to crawl because her legs are so strong and she just needs to work on her arm strength. She already does a funny flapping front crawl and now with her strength growing every day, it won’t be long before she is moving!

This seems crazy to me as she is still my little baby but she really is growing up and soon will be my little toddler!