Picture Week 15

This week I went over to my sister’s house to babysit her kids whilst she went to work.

It was lovely to see my niece and nephews and get to play with them, and for them to get to play with Molly.

My niece was telling me how in September she is going to start big school, i.e. Primary School, and after than she will go to a even bigger school, i.e. Secondary School, and so on. Once she had finished telling me about all of the schools she is going to go to I asked what work she is going to do one day when she has finished going to all of these schools and she came out with the cutest thing!! My sister is a police officer and she said ‘I am going to drive a nee-nor so I can be like Mummy’!! I cannot wait until Molly can say things like that and I hope I do something she is proud of so she wants to be like me too!

It was a really nice day whilst I was babysitting so we all went outside in the garden to play.

My sister has a baby swing and I put Molly in it, and this was her very first time on a swing.

I wasn’t sure if she would like it or not but she loved it and now I am going to buy her one for her birthday. My sister’s kids even enjoyed pushing her and it was so nice that it was actually something we could all enjoy together.