Picture Week 16

I came to realise that Molly has lots of teddies and baby toys but no activities or games she can play. It’s not so much of an issue now but being super organised I am trying to think of what I can buy her for Christmas and her 1st Birthday, in four months time!

Whilst I was at my mum’s house and she was looking after my sister’s children, I watched as they all played games together as if it were real life! That’s when I decided Molly needed to be able to play games like that too. The trouble with having her birthday so close to Christmas is that she will get all her presents at the same time of year and none throughout the year. So I thought that I will need to buy her some presents that would be suitable for her when she is around 18 months old so she has toys to suit her through each stage of her development.

I saw this garage for sale and thought that would be something she could really play with and turn into a proper game for her and her dolls! Now I am very much a girly girl and I hope Molly is too so I normally wouldn’t pick out something like this to buy her… But it’s pink!!

I set it up and although she is to young for it at the moment, she was really fascinated by it. It lights up and makes noises and the cars go round and speed off the end! She was really trying to work it out!

This is a picture of her with her Nanny and her new pink toy garage and a big smile!