Yesterday Was a Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.

Yesterday was an upsetting day.

Yesterday was a co-paretning day.

Yesterday was a good day.

Once me and Molly were up and ready we went to pick up D from his house and we all went into town. I have really wanted to get Molly’s feet measured for some time now so I can buy her lots of shoes! But I wasn’t sure what size she was so me and D agreed to take her for a fitting together. It was the first time that we had spent any significant amount of time together since our break up so I was a bit apprehensive of how it was going to go. However the whole day went really well with no arguments!

He was really helpful and I have to thank him because he really did help me out all day.

After we got her feet measured and found out they were just a wee bit too small for her first pair of proper shoes yet, I mentioned that I needed to buy Molly some bits for when she starts daycare in two weeks time. D came with me and helped me pick out a school bag for her  and things she needs to go in it, and a swim bag and swimming costume.



I was so upset that I had to buy her all of these things and felt quite emotional. She is my little baby but she’s growing up so fast. Attending day care and thinking that soon she will be walking and talking is upsetting! I don’t feel like she has been my baby for long enough and I know soon enough she will be off to University! Time is going by too fast! I need a pause button!

D was not so upset about the whole thing but I think he made a conscious effort to be nice in my time of crisis! He was good and even bought Molly some mini hi-tops!


And I had to buy her some mini Uggs!


We didn’t get everything she needed but hopefully I will see the other bits whilst I am out and about over the next few days.

After our shopping trip he came back to my house and even helped me sort the garden out! After I spent a lot of time, effort and money on making my garden look nice  at the start of summer, the rabbits decided to eat absolutely everything and the cats thought they would dig it all up to use it as their toilet! So I wanted to make it look nice again before winter sets in and create some space for Molly to have garden toys out. I wanted to move the rabbit hutch and fence off a part of the garden for them, away from my plants, and there is no way I would have been able to do it myself; theres not  chance I would have been strong enough. I want space for her to have a slide and push dollies prams about, and although she is not at that stage yet, it won’t be long. With my training starting just around the corner I needed to sort it all out now. I am really crap at anything DIY based and I think D was probably worried about the amount of damage I could have easily caused! So I was more of the director and D moved it for me and even put the fence up, whilst I cleared away the rest of the garden. It looks fab now and I am really happy.

It was really nice to have the opportunity to just talk normally  with him without the pressure of discussing any of our relationship issues. I feel so much better now and my mind is much more at ease. We discussed our co-parenting situation and we have the same morals about how to raise our baby and we both agree on the most important aspects, one of the major ones being working together as a team to provide consistency.

I made him lunch to say thank you for helping me and afterwards he took Molly for a walk so I could hoover the house and mop the floors (The exciting things you do as a parent when you have five minutes to yourself!). She is still screaming when I leave the room and to make matters worse she absolutely hates the hoover at the moment and cries whenever I use it. They were gone for over half an hour so it gave me the chance to just tidy up a bit.

He left when they got back from the walk but this was getting on for 6.00pm; we had managed to get along all day and I actually had a really nice time. Even though the whole day was spent doing house chores, they would have taken me more than double the amount of time if I was doing them on my own with Molly too.  I always feel so much less stress when I have my house up and together!

I really appreciated all of his help and it was nice of him to do so, he didn’t have to. He worked away all last week so I was on my own more so it was good to have his support back. I also think it’s such a healthy image to set for Molly and she loved having us both together for the whole day. It also meant that I didn’t have to stop whatever I was doing if she cried or needed feeding because he was there too. I think it was also a good reminder for him to show how hard it can be to do a really simple task if Molly is in a bad mood! Although I must say I am relieved now and I know what we are doing is okay by Molly. She is still number one and it seems that we have finally figured out a way to be around each other and are  letting the anger go.


Hopefully things will only get better and our co-parenting will improve constantly.

Yesterday was a good day.