A Child is the Most Precious Gift – So Why is it so Unfair?

A child is the most precious gift we could ever be given on this planet.

So why is this gift sometimes given to the wrong people and taken form others who deserve it?

A couple weeks ago I shared a link on my Facebook page about a horrid story that hit the news, it was about a little boy that was mistreated by his parents and sadly died. This is the link but reading the story brought tears Β to my eyes and I warn you of its horrific tale: Daniel PelkaΒ (I have’t actually read this particular link as the first one I read was so destroying).

How can so many people mistreat something so innocent?

Now I must admit that sometime I feel like screaming but I walk out the room for five minutes but then I spend the rest of the day feeling so guilty that I needed a couple minutes to myself, but I could never imagine truly hurting my child, the worst I do is squeeze Molly a bit too tight when I am hugging her!

The thought of any pain to a child breaks my heart and I don’t think anything in this world could possibly make me more mad.

I just don’t understand what could go trough someone’s mind to make them act in this disgusting manner!!!!

So these people that do not really want their child are the ones lucky enough to have children. WHAT?!!!! They don’t deserve something so beautiful.

And the people that are desperate to have a baby are the ones that cannot have one.

It’s not fair!

I know people that have struggled to conceive, yet did everything recommended to help improve their chances.

I know some one that has battled through four episodes of IVF, yet still no baby.

I know people that are told that cannot adopt, yet have ever so happy and healthy children.

I know people desperate for a baby, for a child to love and call their own and can offer a wonderful life with a supporting, caring, loving environment, yet they do not get the gift of a child.

Does anyone have any advice for these people to try and conceive a baby?

And then their are people like Matilda Mae, a beautiful baby, living well and happy, part of a family with love and her future completely ahead of her, and then she was taken to live with the angels and her parents sadly lost her to SIDS (cot death) when she was just nine months old. They were given an amazing gift and then had it ripped away from them. This is another story that really pulls on my heart and makes me cry every time I read a new post. I cannot imagine what that poor family must have gone through and are living with every single day.

Why is it like this?

A child is the most precious gift in this world. One that EVERYONE should treasure.