Frances Louise Photography

A couple weeks ago I had a photo-shoot with Frances Louise Photography. It is something I had wanted to do for quite some time now as I invited my Nanny, Mum, and of course Molly so we could have some pictures of the four generations together.

I have had photos done with Frances Louie Photography before, when Molly was just a baby and I loved them so I decided to use her skills again.

She is based locally and the lady, Fran, is a brilliant professional photographer and has lots of ideas for poses and has props you can use too. She makes you feel at ease and will only do something if you are comfortable to do so.

She takes literally over one hundred pictures then edits them to a high quality, ready for you to view. She will also meet you to show you the pictures or to discuss how you would like them edited.

I love this picture below. We each had our photo taken individually and then she edited them so we were all together, and I think it’s amazing!


I had photographs of just me and Molly too:




IMG_6423 - Copy

I ended up buying many of the finished prints because it was so hard to choose! Her prices are very affordable and for the 13 prints I purchased it only cost me £59. I think this is a total bargain as I have seen other photographers charge nearly £100 for one photograph. My favourite aspect about Francis Louise Photography is that she puts the photos that you choose onto a disk or can email them to you. I had mine put onto disk this time which means I can print them out at home or take them to a photo machine.  This works for me because I personally cannot afford to buy everybody a cute picture of Molly, for me one printed photo wouldn’t be enough once I have given one to D, his family and then mine too. I love how I can choose to print them myself and then I can also get them blown up too. However if you would like a high quality print of your photograph, then she does that too at competitive prices! Either way you choose, you will be able to afford you favourite photos!




Frances Louise Photography also caters for weddings, birthday parties,  personal portraits or for any occasion where you would like to create photographic memories.

I would highly recommend her and I know I feel so pleased with my photographs.

She often holds free sittings too so click on her badge to check her out!