Diet Week 10

Yesterday I went shopping to get myself some clothes to wear in school whilst I complete my teacher training. I only have boring clothes that fit me right now whilst I am bigger as I hope having a small wardrobe will encourage me to lose weight to fit back into my massive old wardrobe! But I do not have anything smart enough that would be suitable so I popped to the shops to update my work wardrobe.

The day was a success and I bought many items which I felt I could mix and match to make many suitable outfits. I got home to try it all on and that’s what it turns out my shopping trip was more of a fail! It terms of creating a work wardrobe the day was a disaster but in regards to my weight loss the day was brilliant! When I tried on everything it was nearly all to big and I need to take most of it back to get the next size down! Yippee!!!

Very bad time wise as I am busy nearly every day before I start my training so right now I am going into school with only one pair of trousers that fit!

But I am so happy that I can really see a difference in my size now thanks to my diet and I really am getting smaller!!

This week I lost 1.5lbs.

I really hope that by diet week 12 I will have lost a stone.

Me, diet week 10:


Weight loss to date: 10.4lbs