Court Farm Country Park

Molly loves animals so I thought I would take her to an animal park to go see some different animals rather than just showing her the cats/rabbits/fish that live at home with us.

It was a lovely day so perfect for getting out the house for a bit. I didn’t know much about the animal parks in my local area so I just checked on Google and found Court Farm Country Park, only about 20 minutes away from me.

It is still a working farm and is set in amongst the beautiful countryside.



We started off by walking around to look at the barn-yard animals. There were lots of funny signs about and this one shown below, found above a massive pig, really made me laugh!!!



Molly was fascinated by the animals and really tried to concentrate on them.





And some of them made her really excited!





There were lots of different animals and all the typical ones that you would expect to find on a farm.


We saw THE cutest chicks:


You could even try your hand at milking a (pretend) cow! I wanted to but felt like to much of a twit on my own!


I think it would be  a really good day out for older children as there is more for them to do. All of the animals can be touched and I loved how there were posters reminding you to wash your hands after doing so and little sinks around the whole farm.  Children could also have a pony ride and  watch the animals being fed. There was also an indoor and outdoor play-fort and trampolines. There was a fairly big open grass space so you could take a ball or game  to play, as that’s what many families were doing.

On this grass as I watched children play, looking at the horses, and starred at the scenic view,  I thought I could sit and feed Molly her lunch. BIG MISTAKE!! Blimmin WASP!! Everywhere! Molly had a fruit based jar of food for lunch and they must have been attracted to it’s sweetness. They were flying all around her with the fruit all over her chops and swamped me as I was holding the jar and countless wet wipes with it on. I have never been bothered about wasps until 1. I had Molly and 2. a couple weeks ago I got stung badly.  So there I was in the centre of the farm, in it’s most busiest spot, in a wasp frenzy, and I absolutely lost it!! I was completely freaking out and grabbed my jacket, flinging it about to try to shew them away, whilst doing that crazy little freak out wave with my hands and spinning around in circles, with of course screaming frantically!! I was going round and round and then Molly started screaming her head off too and I was just there flapping! This old man came to my rescue and hit the wasps away and made Molly laugh! *Bad parenting moment!* After that dilemma I decided it was time to go and escape the trauma!

That was the only bad point of the day though.

I loved our Mummy and Molly day out to Court Farm and I hope she did too.