I Need More Time!

I am starting to panick that soon Molly will be my little toddler and not my little baby any more. The days are going by so fast and I actually cannot believe how quickly she is growing. When I was pregnant, everyone told me the time would fly but I never imagined it would be as quick as this. I can still remember the minute I found out I was pregnant and even though that was way over a year ago now, it still feels like it was yesterday. Pregnancy seemed to go on forever yet it was suddenly time to give birth and meet my baby. How is she nearly a year old?! I do not feel like I have been with her long enough for this to be the case.

This is always on my mind and so I really want to make sure I do lots of things with Molly as it is so easy to pass the days by with housework and errands that I guess do not really matter.

Last week I took her to Court Farm to see the animals and I hope we can go back when she is a little older and more able to enjoy all of it’s facilities. I find it really hard to think of places/activities she will enjoy at such a young age as watching the washing machine seems to make her happy enough!

So we have been doing little things where by I make sure I ignore my phone, put down the laptop and forget the chores, and just spend quality time with my little princess.

I wanted to take her to feed (look) at the ducks but the weather was rubbish so we led in bed for the afternoon and watched a film instead:




And I took her swimming:

photo-154She loves the water so much, I am sure it is because she was born in the bath!

We have both been quite ill over the past week and Molly has had her first cold which has made it hard to continue to do slightly more exciting things. (I took her swimming before she was ill, not during, don’t worry!) I hated her being ill probably more than she did!! Her poor little runny nose and croaky voice just broke my heart! She completely went off her food and was even sick after some of her milk and her appetite is only just returning to normal. She did not sleep well at all and ended up screaming and crying most of the night. I couldn’t bear it and let her sleep in my bed for the majority of the week! Not good sleep training there Mummy! But I was to tired of walking back and forth across the landing, and being ill myself I just wanted to get some rest too. She settled so much better in my bed and we both got some sleep. Tonight is the first night she is back in her own room so wish me luck!

I am going to miss seeing this little face right next to me: