You Are a Miracle Blogger Award


I have been nominated for the ‘You are a miracle blogger’ award. Wow! Thank you!

The lovely mummy flying solo nominated me, she has an awesome blog and you should definitely check it out! She talks a lot of sense!

Mummy flying solo was nominated this amazing award by Friendly Fairytales, and just as mummy flying solo did, I have to share Friendly fairytales’ words too, they actually made me blubber!!

”In celebration of summer, I want to remember all those who take care of the children. All the parents, whose children are near and far, young and grown. And to all the children who love their parents, might not have children of their own yet, but still love the kids in their lives. All the people who are not the birth parent, but are heart parents, who nurture, love and support their adopted children and friends. To all the grandparents, big and little parts of the lives of their grandchildren, but holding them in their hearts. And to all the music teachers, tutors, camp counselors, swim instructors, life guards, camp administrators and staffers, wow, you are amazing!!

Caregivers aren’t perfect. We all make mistakes, but there we are, day in and day out, helping protect and raise the next generation. I celebrate all of you! You are all miracles! Today I’m granting the You are a Miracle Blogger Award to some good blogger friends who are there for their children and/or grandchildren. I hope you will check them out, they rock.”

So that’s what this award is about – the miracle of raising a baby, sharing the experience with loved ones, and knowing any involvement you have, big or small on a child’s life can have such a dramatic impact. If bringing a life into this world is not a miracle, then what is eh?!

I am choosing to follow the single-mummy theme from mummy flying solo. Sometimes being a single mum, you really do need that pat on the back to say your doing alright!

So thank you!

I nominate Holding the baby blog and Slummy single mummy – your both miracle bloggers!