Yes I Can Hear You, Please Shhh Now!

Over the past couple days, when it has just been me and Molly together, mainly spending time at home, this is how our days have panned out:

We wake up, she screams

Bottle is being made, she screams

Drinking bottle, quiet!

Bottle runs out, she screams

She sits with me, she’s okay

I need to get dressed, she screams

I try to feed her breakfast, she screams

She naps, quiet!

She wakes up, she screams

She sees other people, she smiles!

I feed her lunch, she screams

I try and do any housework/chores/cooking/emailing/cat feeding/phone answering, she screams

She has a bottle, quiet!

Bottle runs out, she screams

We play, well this depends what mood she is in!

I feed her dinner, she screams

I bath her, she screams

I change her, she screams

She’s tired, she screams

She falls asleep… I feel like screaming!!!!!!

Anyone else go through this delightful stage?!

What do I do? I am trying my best to make her happy but she just seems to dislike me right now, yet doesn’t want me to leave the room! It is really starting to take it’s toll on me and making me feel crap!! She is so happy around everyone else and seems her old self, but she doesn’t seem happy with mummy right now. There are times where I literally feel like screaming and I grit my teeth or burst into tears but I would rather like to go back to being happy and normal now please.