Parenting Fail – I Was Only Putting My Shoes On!!

I am starting to feel slightly better about this situation, a little less guilty, but still ever so sorry.

Today marked the achievement of my greatest parenting FAIL to date.

We started off by having a good morning. Molly didn’t wake up until 8am so I had a lie-in too, we got up, had breakfast, all the normal morning things in no rush for it’s the weekend. I had arranged to meet my cousin/very good friend for a catch up and cuppa.

Me and Molly were ready to go. Bag packed, nappy changed, I just had to put my shoes on.

My boots that I wanted to wear were in my bedroom, so off we went upstairs.

I laid Molly in the middle of the bed and sat right next to her and put on my boots.

And then it happened – My worst parenting moment and any parent’s nightmare.

I have always read to keep one hand on your baby if baby can roll, whilst he/she is on a raised surface. I hope I am not the only one, but I do not do this all the time (on my bed for instance). If I can see Molly and she is in the centre of my bed I do not constantly keep a hand on her, I feel satisfied that I am right there with her watching her (do you do this?).

But maybe I should have kept a hand on her.

Boots on, I stood up. I turned around to pick Molly up and my heart pounded out of my chest. She must have done a couple rolls just as I was standing up and she was right on the edge of the bed, mid roll, about to topple over. I screamed but there was nothing I could have done at that point, she was off the bed and making her way to thud to the floor. I could see the panic on  her face as she realised there was no more bed and that she was falling.


She hit the floor, laying flat on her back, and screamed.

I scooped her up as she cried. I couldn’t even cry myself, I was in complete shock and my heart was just going crazy.

After a few short minutes she stopped crying and straight away went back to being her normal self, unfazed by the fall. I think it was more of an ordeal to me.

Although I cannot stop her rolling over, I am suppose to stop her hurting herself, so I am taking the blame for this. It feels like it is my fault – Maybe I should have kept my hand on her or put her on the floor. I never thought she would be able to move that far so quickly but it shows how quickly they learn and that they always need to be completely supervised.

I only turned my back for a split second and it caused an accident. Parenting fail!

So I am feeling crappy but Molly seems to luckily be just fine, and loving all the extra attention!

We are now looking at bed guards!