Countdown Week 1

I have had about a month off of my diet and I am definitely ready to get back on it.

I enjoyed eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted but enough is enough and I now feel the effects. I thought I had put on a lot of weight considering my carelessness with calories but I am actually quite surprised at my weight gain. I have put on just over three pounds but I do not think that is that much after a whole month of no diet.

I think my body shape has greatly changed since the start of my diet and I am beginning to feel like me again. This time around, I hope to be quite strict with the diet hopefully until, dare I say it, Christmas. If I keep it up for that amount of time then I should be pretty much at my target weight, or at least not to far off. It will give me enough time to be realistic and sensible. Christmas is only 13 weeks away!!

I would like to loose another 20 pounds. It will be tough and I will have to stay focussed but I really hope I can do it. Baby weight is the hardest thing I have ever tried to loose and am still shocked at how much harder it is to loose compared to weight before baby. I would love to fit in my old clothes! It would give me a complete new level of confidence. When I get that 20 pounds off I know I will want to loose a little more but for now I want to set a target that I can actually achieve.

Monday was the start of this new diet and I manly just cut down my general intake and portion size. Today has been much better and consisted of salads and fruit bowls. My main worry is that salads will get boring because I don’t know how to vary them enough, although I hope I can really get into this and learn some interesting yet healthy new recipes.

I am also considering joining the gym. I do not get much time to myself and when I do, I spend the hours doing housework or chores and in the ten minutes I have completely free I feel lost in the house without Molly. I want something I can really get in to and create a hobby for myself. I have been looking at the classes available at the gym and seeing if they are at appropriate times to fit in with someone watching Molly for me.

So my target loss is 20 pounds. 20 counting down to zero! I am looking at this is a slightly new way now and looking as it as a countdown. I must get to zero!

20 pounds to go….