Countdown Week 2

I feel I have been pretty good this week and really thinking about what I have been eating. There have been many times where I wanted naughty treats and I managed to resist! (Go me!!!)

Molly prefers to eat whilst I am eating too but I never used to eat three set meals a day, I would have either lunch or dinner with snacks in between, but now we are having three set meals a day together. First of all I was worried this would make me put on weight where I thought I would actually be eating more, but it has made me look at what I am eating and caused me to find a healthy alternative or have a much smaller portion. It also means I don’t eat late at night which is much better for me as I don’t go to bed very late, i.e.. there’s not much time to burn those calories off!

When I got on the scales this morning, without thinking I stood on them in the hallway so I could keep an eye on Molly in my bedroom at the same time, and they said I had lost 10 pounds! I was in disbelief!! And so I should have been, that was not true at all and really unrealistic for me, but I can hope!!! I stood on them back in the bathroom (hallway has carpet, bathroom has laminate, I didn’t know it made that much of a difference?!) and saw that I had truly lost two pounds. Not as nice as 10 but I’ll take it anyway!

My biggest struggle is my sugar intake. It’s cold which means all I want is copious amounts of cups of tea but with two (at least!) sugars a time, I must be drinking away far to much sugar. But tea without sugar just doesn’t work!!! I think this may be one hurdle I will never cross!

12 weeks left… 18 pounds to go…


Note to self – Find someone to take full length pictures of self! (Molly needs to hurry up and learn how to use a camera!)