9 Months Beautiful

Where does the time go?! Nine months ago I had my darling Molly and it scares me to think how quickly the time is passing by. People always warned me that your children will grow up quick but I didn’t think it could possibly be as fast as this. Before I know it the day is over and we are back in bed. I have already started thinking about Molly’s first birthday and I am getting excited to celebrate it but it also brings be great sadness that soon she will be my toddler and not my baby.


However I will enjoy her being a bit more independent but at the same time hate the fact she will need me a little less too. She is still going through a bad phase of separation anxiety and hates me leaving the room so I always have to sneak off when she is not looking. If she is in her Jumperoo then she often does a quick spin to check i’m still about. I read that separation anxiety is at it’s peak now so I cannot wait for this stage to pass! When your a mum it’s amazing how many things you learn to do with one hand: the washing up, eating, getting dressed, peeing!!! The list is endless!

When she is not in my arms she does play on the floor for quite some time and seems to love being able to pick her toys up and make them light up or play music. I think she prefers her Jumperoo though and spends lots of time in that. I think I need to let her spend more time on the floor because she is still not crawling! I am not sure if this is because she is always jumping or playing with me but I am hoping more independent play will encourage her to start moving. She is close to crawling but cannot master the art of moving her arms and her legs and tends to drag her head along the floor and use her legs to push it forward!! Or she can army shuffle backwards. Maybe she won’t crawl properly at all as she seems to like to be stood upright more.



She really is growing fast and weighs an absolute ton! She is 18.5lbs now and I cannot hold her for long periods of time (mainly because I am extremely weak). She loves her food and we are mainly using baby-led weaning now where she feeds herself. I found she wasn’t very interested in the baby jars of food and I felt like I was struggling with weaning her but I took a step back and tried to figure out what she prefers. She normally shakes her head to say no if I try and help her. I feed her yoghurts and anything runny like that but everything else she likes to feed herself, no matter how messy it gets! She much prefers to eat whilst I am eating so I am always conscious of the time to make sure I can get lunch/dinner ready before she starts crying because then it’s just impossible. She also eats whatever I eat now and I rarely use baby jars although I try and feed her fruit pots still to keep things healthy. She loves tomatoes and carrots but is willing to try absolutely anything I put in front of her which is great, especially as she turned down most of the baby jars of food I thought she would be more fussy.




For most of the last month she has been ill and keeps getting a recurring cold. Because this caused her to keep waking all night from a blocked nose, I let her sleep in my bed so I didn’t keep having to get up and walk across the landing every five minutes. I have felt a bit rubbish too so I wanted all of the sleep I could get. People always say never to let your children sleep in your bed as you will never get them to leave but I feel quite confident that I will be able to put her back in her room as soon as she is 100% better, and I am hoping this to be within the next couple of days.



She is also feeling pain from her teeth. She still doesn’t have any yet but they must be coming through soon because she is showing all the signs. Teething is horrible and I hate to see her in pain, especially as she doesn’t understand why.

Obviously Molly still LOVES In The Night Garden but I am pleased that she has taken a liking to some other programs so we have a bit more variety to watch now. She likes Waybuloo and the Tweenies too. It’s so cute to pass her a toy or book of one of the characters from one of these shows and she smiles at them like she really knows them.

She is really developing her personality now and will repeat things if I laugh at her. She laughs when I laugh which just makes me laugh even more so we have little giggle fits together which are just lushus! She can wave and give kisses and likes it when you assist her to clap. She mainly says ‘dada’ still but I have heard ‘mama’ a couple times. I cannot wait to hear her little voice properly and hold a conversation with her.

As I chose not to do my teacher training this year I have been able to spend the last couple months at home with Molly which I really feel like I needed. I feel better about the fact I left her so much when she was so young now I have had the chance to spend some much needed quality time with her.

She continues to make me smile every day and I am ever so proud of her. She fills my heart with joy and I miss her like mad every second we are apart.


I love you Molly, my little princess.

Happy 9 months beautiful xxx