Countdown Week 3 and 4

I didn’t write my ‘Countdown Week 3’ post last week simply because I was just too busy so here it is combined with this weeks Countdown post.

The countdown has been going really well over the past couple of weeks and I am so pleased with the results. This is the smallest I have been since having Molly, Yay!

Yesterday I went shopping because I was in desperate need of some new clothes, something I always say but this time it was actually true! None of my jeans were fitting and always falling down which was becoming increasingly annoying. Now that D was planning on having Molly stay at his a bit I also wanted a couple nice things to wear out when meeting friends, something which I had very little of. I met a friend in Bristol and we had such a great day and I managed to top my wardrobe up with everything I needed, well apart with some jeans that fit! I was super pleased to find I have gone down another dress size!! Wahhooo! I am now a size 12 and getting so close to becoming a size 10 that really I am a size 11, so I held off of buying any jeans until I have lost a little bit more weight. It would feel wasteful to buy too much new clothes when I wouldn’t be fitting in them for too long, so I only bought things that I know will last.

When I started this journey I was a size 16 and for me personally this was just not an option. I was so used to being a tiny size 8 and I won’t stop until I am back into my old size 8 clothes, all of which I have kept for motivation. I love my old wardrobe and it’s that which really spurs me on. I think I am going to have to face up to the fact that I will probably end up saying goodbye to all my size 6 clothes because I notice just how much my body shape has changed, but as long as I can call myself a size 8 again I will be happy, and I am so close, it is making me want to work harder more than ever to achieve my goal. I loved being able to by a couple size 10 pieces yesterday and I cannot wait until they don’t fit!

Countdown Week 3 saw my loose 2.5lbs and this week I have lost another 1lb. So all in all in the past two weeks I have lost 3.5lbs which makes me very happy. It makes my goal feel very achievable.

10 weeks left… 14.5lbs to go…